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cultivation Manager

Agriculture and Forestry, Operations / Manufacturing

Crystal Cure Inc.

Moncton, Shediac, Shediac Cape, New Brunswick

Cultivation Manager
Upcoming position available
(Regular Full-Time, Averaging 40 Hours Per Pay Period)

Position Summary

The two most critical roles for the Cultivation Manager are to serve as the primary administrator for the cultivation facility pertaining to the management and oversight of all cultivation operations, and to hire, train and develop cultivation staff capable of meeting production goals and maintaining a consistent, high-quality medical cannabis line fully consistent with Standard Operating Procedures. Working with all employees engaged in medical marijuana cultivation, he/she will ensure the entire cultivation process is regulated and the result is excellent medical cannabis.

The cultivation manager will serve as the Responsible Person In Charge. The Responsible Person in Charge will work at the site and have responsibility for supervising the activities with respect to cannabis conducted at that site by the licensed producer under their license, and for ensuring that the activities comply with all relevant Acts and regulations.

Required Education: College degree in horticulture, business management or another highly transferrable degree.

Required Experience: 4+ years’ experience managing a commercial scale cultivation facility within a legal and regulated market (preferably with a licensed medical cannabis facility). Knowledge of cultivation: propagation, vegetative growth cycle, flowering growth cycle, harvesting, trimming, curing and packaging. Knowledge of diseases, insects and fungi, as well as plant treatment options (preferably with cannabis strains and genetics). Knowledge of inventory tracking, monitoring systems, cultivation techniques and methodologies (including hydroponics, soil, coco, synthetic, organic, etc.) and ensuring staff compliance with applicable protocols.

Responsibilities: Consistent commercial scale indoor organic cannabis production is complex and therefore requires intimate knowledge of both the day-to-day operations and the plant. The Cultivation Manager will oversee the cultivation facility and all aspects of cultivation through harvest, including regulatory processes. Maintains the performance of all the cultivation tasks including, but not limited to: cloning, transplanting, feeding plants, thinning, flushing, and waste disposal. The Cultivation Manager will be responsible for the hiring, training, supervising and motivation of staff of approximately 15 employees and manage their professional growth. Provide staff education in support of performance goals; engage in cross-training and is a positive role model in production protocols.

Develop cultivation goals and objectives. Manage plant scheduling and organization to precisely project harvest schedules and record data into the seed-to-sale/database tracking system (; assist with cannabis strain selection. Implement cultivation techniques and methodologies (at various stages of development and growth: taking cuttings, sprouting seeds, transplanting, pruning, training and topping; nutrient feeding protocols; Overseeing all cultivation agents; Clean-up, chop stalks, empty/clean pots, dispose of waste products, wash all surfaces. Participate in and oversee harvests, trimming and placement of plant material on screens to dry.

The Cultivation Manager must maintain a respectful and business-like work environment; be responsible for maintaining a culture of security within the cultivation team and must be familiar with and remain vigilant to security concerns. Maintain a serious, positive and team-oriented approach to security. Report any security concerns or breaches immediately to designated person(s). Maintain an organized, clean and safe work place. Check for and identify potential issues and/or pest outbreaks and institute the proper Corrective Action Plan. Oversee inventory management and reconciliation, communicating routinely with the Director of Cultivation and Compliance as well as twice weekly with GRI’s leaders.

The Cultivation Manager must also maintain regulatory compliance with all regulations always. Execute company’s Integrated Pest Management practices established for control of all types of mold, powdery mildew, spider mites, root aphids, fungus gnats, etc.

Other Requirements: The candidate must pass the required background and security clearance check required by Health Canada.

Candidates need strong inter-personal skills with the proven ability to engage and motivate staff in meeting deadlines and creating an amicable work-place. Candidates must also have good personal hygiene, physical aptitude and health necessary to perform manual labor tasks required for the proper management of grow warehouse; ability to lift heavy objects.

Candidates need a strong understanding of regulations pertaining to the Canadian medical cannabis industry and to possess the ability to think on your feet and use problem solving skills when the situation arises and a strong history of meeting performance goals, being accountable and proven leadership.

Candidates must be able to stand for a prolonged duration of time; need to be able to stand for an eight-hour work shift. Candidates must be able to lift up to forty (40) pounds.

Candidates must speak and write English. Bilingualism is an asset.

Closing Statement: Thank you for your interest in this position. Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Applications may be faxed to 506.532.4498 or sent electronically at before 06-03-2017

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