Operations Manager-Administrative Services

Organization:  Notesolution Inc. РOneclass

Area:    Toronto, ON


(NOC 0114)

1) Job obligations:

Arrange and coordinate the operations of the OneClass universal understudy administrations office

Create and guarantee that appropriate techniques are taken after

Direct and prepare the instructive administrations staff, and give appropriate preparing through workshops and enlightening instructional courses.

Enroll and prepare universal deals group

Help with creating showcasing and preparing materials

Enroll suitable work force to oversee new understudy introduction and client bolster

Make yearly spending plans for new contracts and repeating preparing workshops

Get ready reports and briefs for administration councils assessing regulatory administrations

Give quarterly reports to the administration group on consumer loyalty, benefit utilization and income development

Build up and keep up system for the talking and contracting of new staff

2) Terms of business (e.g. extend based, stable situation)- Permanent Full-time Position

3) Annual Salary: CAD$85,280 ($41.00 every hour for 40 hours a week)

4) Benefits: Dental, restorative and gathering protection advantage

5) Location of work (neighborhood, or town) Toronto, Ontario

6) Skills necessities:

a. Instruction Bachelor’s Degree or higher

b. Work involvement: 1-year administration involvement in related managerial administrations

7) Excellent composed relational abilities in English

8) Frequent go to US and China will be required


Contact data:

Kevin Wu-COO

Telephone number: 647-244-9412

Email: jobs@oneclass.com

Mailing Address:

365 Bloor St. East Unit 1902
Toronto, ON
M4W 3L4

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