Social Media And Marketing Officer, Pakistan


  1. To keep department up to date with emerging web technologies through relevant blogs and events.
  2. To use tools for web development (Security & Creativity).
  3. To answer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on social media after consultation with Management.
  4. To administer dedicated websites in different languages (Urdu, English).
  5. To market and respond through websites Facebook, Linked in, OLX, Twitter, Skype, Draz etc.
  6. To create ideas for web & social media.
  7. To ensure smooth running of campaigns on web and social media.
  8. To create soft image of the organization on social media.
  9. To reports properly to management.
  10. To promote and update social media pages by gathering information from concerned persons.

11. Any other as assigned by management.


  1. To handle work load efficiently.
  2. To adapt and able to pick up new techniques.
  3. Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required
  4. To research and analyze technology problems and issues
  5. Good written/verbal communication skills.
  6. Good presentation skills

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